Pundit Radheshyam Mishra

Founder, Ujjain Yoga Life Society


“The initiative of the Hindu Students Council, in promotion and resurrection of the most ancient Life tradition of the world ‘Sanatan Dharma’ in North America is commendable and I heartily appreciate and congratulate the diligent efforts made by the GDC group towards Hindu awareness all over the globe and specially North America.”
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Swamini Svatmavidyananda Saraswati

Founder, Arsha Vijnana Mandir

Swami Svatmavidyananda

“Hindu Dharma is really unique for two reasons—it is the only tradition in the world, in which the ultimate goal prescribed for the human-being is to be gained in this life itself. Furthermore, [it] is based on the universal human need to discover oneself as complete and one with everything else in the universe…The Global Dharma Conference is a unique movement to support the contemporary dharmis.”
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Swami Suhitananda

General Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission and Belur Math

 Swami Suhitananda

“It is … heartening to note that the Hindu youths of America are holding aloft and trying to spread the light of the eternal, universal spiritual truths and values of Indian culture in that part of the globe.  We are sure that Swami Vivekananda’s luminous life and message would provide [them] perennial inspiration and guidance.”
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Swami Shantananda

President, Chinmaya Mission West

Swami Shantananda

“The world can change only when each individual appreciates the value of living a Dharmic life.  The total individual character becomes the character of a [world].  Therefore spreading the message of Dharma is in line with our Vedic culture.  I am glad to see that our Youngsters [in HSC] have taken up this great task.”
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Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi

President, Buddhist Association of the United States

Bhikkhu Bodhi

“The Dharma teachings of India…at once connect us with the deepest spiritual sources of our being, leading to inner wisdom & peace, yet also promote what is sorely lacking in these turbulent times: a culture of mutual respect, compassion, & ecological sensitivity. I share my blessings for the success of this conference & hope it can send forth brilliant rays of light over the entire world.”
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Swami Satyamitranand Giri

Fmr. Shankaracharya and Founder, Bharat Mata Mandir

Satyamitranand Giri

“[Man] seeks some all-encompassing mechanism which covers everyone and which can address the woes of human beings on the global level.  [Here], the Hindu religion comes into play… I extend my best wishes for the overall grand success of the Global Dharma Conference.”
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Swami Jyotirmayananda

Coordinator, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari

Swami Jyotirmayananda

“The Global Dharma Conference, a laudable initiative of HSC, seeking to bring together students, young professionals, and others from around the world, provides an opportunity for introspection to realize the concept of Universal Brotherhood. Bringing together top spiritual leaders, celebrities, and speakers, with a view to share their wisdom with the participants, is a significant step in spreading the message of Dharma.”
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Brahmarishi Swami Guruvananda

Founder, Srhi Brahmrishi Ashram

Swam Guruvananda

“I rejoice in this momentous coming together [at the Global Dharma Conference] of the young Hindu minds from across the globe to reflect and dialogue with the objective to explore and examine the dimensions of Dharma that provides anchor their life and defines the parameter within which a spiritually fulfilling life can be lived."
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Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Founder, Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET)

Jeeyar Swami

“Vedic practices are as modern and truly scientific and ever relevant.   We need ambassadors to take these wonderful Vedic practices deeper into the society.  And the onus is on the youth who form the bridge to the next generation… We offer our mangalasanams to HSC… on its Silver Jubilee anniversary.”
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Swami Tadatmananda

Founder, Arsha Bodha Center


“The 2015 Global Dharma Conference is an important opportunity for all of us to gather for the sake of clarifying, what it means to follow Hindu Dharma in the 21st century. In the US, maintaining our religious practices, spiritual values, & cultural identity are challenges that remain to be fully understood & addressed. Hindu Students Council is to be congratulated for their excellent planning & preparations for this conference.”
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Swami Paripoornananda Saraswati

Founder, Sreepeetham

Swami Paripoornandaji

“Dharma is the most essential and pristine character trait required for leading an ideal, value-based life for a human being.  [Its] practice… by humanity not only ensures quality living, but also paves the way to spiritual enlightenment.  I compliment the organizing committee for their initiative in holding this heart-touching event.”
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Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati

Secy-Gen., Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha

Swami paramatmananda

“I wish I could be there with you to share few thoughts about Dharma. My best wishes for the event and may Ishwara bless you so that your efforts get accelerated.”
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Swami Tattwamayananda

Founder, Vedanta Society of Northern California

Swami tattwamayananda

“It is a matter of great joy that the Hindu Students Council is organizing this Global Dharma Conference.   Its relevance in our troubled times can hardly be overstated.  The ideal of Dharma can inspire and guide humanity in the twenty-first century along the path of peace, non-violence, tolerance, and universal brotherhood.”
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Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Founder, Mata Amritanandamayi Center

Amritanandamayi Devi

“In today’s world, …we see the ‘vicious circle’ gaining greater power in all areas of life.  It is absolutely important to create a similar but more powerful ‘virtuous circle’…to save our earth and create a real change in the world. May all the efforts of the HSC create this much-needed shift of consciousness from the lower to the higher.”
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About HSC

Hindu Students Council (HSC) is an international forum providing opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage and culture. It is the largest Hindu youth organization in North America, with over 50 chapters across university campuses. Over 130,000 students and youth have participated in HSC activities since its birth in 1990. For more information, please visit www.hindustudentscouncil.org or connect with us below.